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God is not our enemy.

Someone tweeted this thought provoking line: "He is enough to break the chains of my disobedience." It got me thinking. Yes, He is definitely enough! There is no fault in Him. If something is not right in our lives, we shouldn't blame God. He is our Deliverer, Provider and Saviour. Everything He does has a purpose and is perfect. He is love and cannot deny Himself (1 Timothy 2:14), therefore ... Read More about God is not our enemy.

The Power to Choose Your Tribe

Sometimes thoughts hit me at different times and often writing inspiration happens when I least expect it. Which is why I downloaded a notebook app on my phone and keep it at arms reach just outside the shower! (Am I the only one?) As I was listening to one my favorite podcast Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher, my heart was struck by something she said. Jenna was sharing her worst client experiences ... Read More about The Power to Choose Your Tribe

The Glitter Effect (Digital Edition) is here!

Charge those phones and tablets, some good reading is finally here!! Okay, I have to confess this to you. I was holding off creating an e-book for sale in the shop because I thought people won't buy the real book when it's ready. I was fearful that a digital version would take the shine off of the paperback version. Then I realized that although the content is the same, giving you a different ... Read More about The Glitter Effect (Digital Edition) is here!

Raising Sensitive Boys

  Growing up, I was one of the oldest kids out of the group in the family. And most of the kids were girls. I learned quite a bit about boys from my older guy cousins (like how to beat Super Mario in just one day) but I had very little experience with younger boys until my brother was born. Then again, I was 18 and left for college. You don't get the full picture of how to raise a boy ... Read More about Raising Sensitive Boys

Spiritual Self-Care

Today I turn 34. Yup, I shared it and have no shame about it. Isn’t it funny when you have a birthday, suddenly you’re so thoughtful about the lessons you’ve learned along the way? I never was bothered about my age and never let it define me. Sure, it reminds me of how many years I’ve been alive but that’s it. Age shouldn’t hold the power to take away your joy. If anything, it should empower you. ... Read More about Spiritual Self-Care

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