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Raising Sensitive Boys

  Growing up, I was one of the oldest kids out of the group in the family. And most of the kids were girls. I learned quite a bit about boys from my older guy cousins (like how to beat Super Mario in just one day) but I had very little experience with younger boys until my brother was born. Then again, I was 18 and left for college. You don't get the full picture of how to raise a boy ... Read More about Raising Sensitive Boys

Spiritual Self-Care

Today I turn 34. Yup, I shared it and have no shame about it. Isn’t it funny when you have a birthday, suddenly you’re so thoughtful about the lessons you’ve learned along the way? I never was bothered about my age and never let it define me. Sure, it reminds me of how many years I’ve been alive but that’s it. Age shouldn’t hold the power to take away your joy. If anything, it should empower you. ... Read More about Spiritual Self-Care

Elevate Others

When I broke my foot three years ago, it was hard. I had just given birth to my second son a month before. Daily tasks were challenging and being a mom of two for the first time with only one working foot was not fun. The other parts of my body had to compensate while I healed past the predicted 8 weeks! I needed my arms and hands to use crutches, adjust my boot, place ice or prop my foot on a ... Read More about Elevate Others

Kickstarter Campaign & Shop Update

  Thursday night I launched my first Kickstarter book campaign for my project The Glitter Effect. I was incredibly surprised when less than 24 hours later, the campaign was fully funded! Pledges keep coming in since we have 29 more days left. You can check it all out right here! This book campaign is special to me because of the message behind it. Over a year ago, God opened my eyes to ... Read More about Kickstarter Campaign & Shop Update

When we don’t “feel” like it.

I was staring at the mountain tops through the hotel window when I felt it. Freedom. After over a year of praying, note scribbling and heartfelt writing, the book I've been dreaming about was finished. Well, at least the first draft of it. But in that moment, when I wrote the last page, it was surreal. I didn't have anymore major things to add. I knew I'd be tweaking grammar and sentences but the ... Read More about When we don’t “feel” like it.

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